Asec Security, a well-known provider of security solutions, has launched its new CAVEO Secure range of dual finish euro cylinders. These cylinders feature a high-security dimple mechanism with verification on two independent levels, providing businesses with an advanced level of security to protect their assets.

The CAVEO Secure range of euro cylinders is designed to withstand physical attacks, including drilling and picking, making it difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access to restricted areas. The high-security dimple mechanism and verification on two independent levels provide added protection against key duplication and unauthorized key copying.

The reversible keyway design of the CAVEO Secure range also adds an additional layer of convenience for businesses. The key can be inserted either way up, making it easy to use and reducing the risk of damage to the cylinder. The cylinders are also available in two finishes, providing businesses with greater flexibility when selecting the right product for their specific requirements.

All the cylinders in the CAVEO Secure range have been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), ensuring they meet the highest security standards. The certification confirms that the products have been rigorously tested and comply with the latest security standards, giving businesses peace of mind that they are investing in a reliable and secure security solution.